Introducing North of the 49, Pete Thorne’s debut Canadian album. Ten epic love songs in a tribute to Canada’s Sesquicentennial Year.

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North of the 49

Background I set out to incorporate some of the iconic symbols of this great country when “North of the 49” was coming together. The 49th parallel was a legitimate place to start such a journey and home was the logical place to end. What better than the northern stars to do the leading. If you’re on … Continued

When I’m Far Away From Home

Background My Dad was a huge influence in my life, musically and otherwise. In his youth, he was involved in church choirs, choruses, Glee Clubs, and school drama presentations. His forte was visual art, but before he came to Toronto and worked for MacLean Hunter as a commercial artist, he had his sights set on … Continued

A Winter Scene

Background Christmas Day 1974 – London, England – I awoke early with the words and tune of a song in my head. It’s the only time I can say that words and tune came together preternaturally in my mind before I even picked up my guitar. Two years later, when we returned to Canada, this … Continued


Background This song was written from our third floor flat on Manor Avenue, in Lewisham, on October 19 and 20, 1974. From our garrett window, the slate rooftops appeared like so many serpentine backbones snaking their way in to London.  By contrast it summoned up romantic notions of the wide, open woodlands and lakes left behind … Continued

Voyageurs and Men

Background “Paddle stroke and glide – boys – canoe begins to slide” – words fell from my head that February morning to join the “two chord harmonies” I strummed back in 2010. It was just another random comment at the time, inspired by the winter olympics in Vancouver. I had no idea that it might initiate … Continued

Klondike Gold

Background In 1974 my wife and I set off to travel the world. First stop – Lewisham, England (suburb of London) where we spent 6 months of our year-and-a-half long trip. At the local library in Catford I borrowed a book by Pierre Burton: “Klondike – The Last Great Gold Rush”. It detailed the rascals, … Continued

Aurora Borealis

Background Canada is home to some spectacular night skies – and I have some stellar memories of lying on my back by an Algonquin lake on large sloped rock slabs that were still resonating with the heat of the day’s rays.  Lapping water, and a chorus of frogs mingled with cool air drifting in from the lake, and far above … Continued

Oh Canada Arise!

Background From the moment this song took shape it felt, to me, like an anthem. I thought at first it should be sung a cappella – (anyone but me). It’s the voice of authority – from a bygone era.  His challenge to everyone is to attend to the future by remembering the best of the past.  Canada’s … Continued

Soft Breezes Love Saskatchewan

Background W.O.Mitchell’s iconic novel “Who Has Seen the Wind” was required reading for Ms. Stephen’s grade 12 English class at Newtonbrook Secondary School. She was an inspirational teacher and that book was more like an experience than a reading assignment. When I decided to write a song about Saskatchewan, I wanted to incorporate something of … Continued

Ya Know Ya Wanna Be Canadian

Background As a child in grade school in the 1950s, my teachers romanticized this country’s history in stories of explorers like Radisson and Groselliers, heard as radio dramas over the P.A. system. These colourful stories infected my soul. Even in Ms. McKay’s history class at Earl Haig Collegiate, I remember my fascination with an artist’s print … Continued


The great trans-Canada highway is a conduit to the Canadian experience, and no one tells its stories with greater intensity than Thorne; self-styled folk singer, raconteur.

Weaving the human experience into soft endearing tunes, he creates a rich imagery of Canada’s colourful, storied history. Inspired by the landscape of earth and sky and stone, he sings of the open road; of love; of life.

His words ripple, sweep and soar above the Canadian landscape, painting word images as evocative as a Tom Thomson painting.


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